What can help YOU reduce your app crashing?

All of us can agree there is one thing we Quahoggers have in common… OUR FAMILY GUY APP CRASHING!
We’ve had alot of improvements to crashing and TinyCo have worked their tails off to change this, but what can we do in attempt to combat our app booting us back to our home screens?

Before I start – all of you out there that have downloaded a status logger app and are sending your information to TinyCo directly, thankyou so much! But right now we are going to focus on some things we can do to our devices.

The main cause of crashing of our  Family Guy apps, is not particularly your data connection or the servers, but our phone or tablet is struggling with the demand! If you think keeping track of your characters and timers in your Quahog is hard, think of what your CPU has to do! This is our phones brain, to help our CPU out we want to make sure it cant get distracted by anything else, but how?

The first and most basic way is to bring up our device’s ‘open apps list.’ This is different for each operating system but most of the time it involves holding/tapping your home button a certain amount of times/seconds. (For my GS4 it is only a matter of holding it for a moment.) Once this list is up, it’s just a matter of dismissing the different windows that pop up. Dismissing the Family Guy app after a crash can also give you a better chance of getting back in.

A secondary way is to turn off certain apps and settings to do with “Power Saving.” The main way these apps save battery power is by restraining the CPU, so again, we want to help our CPU out by letting it use its whole brain! Or it will be behaving just like Peter after Quagmire revenge shot him in the head! We might hear it muttering “We allll fwends again!” With its half brain.
Some devices will automatically go into power save mode when at a low battery level. Personally my phone will NEVER successfully get into my Quahog while in this mode. So keep this in mind.

Thirdly, you may have also experienced your app completely crashing and returning to a previous application (Such as me wondering why after clicking on Family Guy I’m back in one of my IM apps.) This is a typical sign of your CPU doing a memory dump and scrambling back to what it could last remember. “BLAST!” as Stewie would say. Your phone has a headache, closing apps might not be enough! If running Android you will find your RAM menu (this will look like a pie chart icon) when you bring up your open apps list. Clearing your RAM memory will tell your CPU to forget about other things on its mind from previous apps and to focus on opening up Family Guy. It wont ever clear everything as it always has alot to do, but it will relieve it of a few duties.

Of course, you all have your ways to help get back to collecting your precious coins, so let us know what helps you out most and maybe assist all of us in successfully loading our Quahog!

I hope this helps you guys out, I’m not a huge techno-geek and I hope I haven’t offended anyone by my simple way of terming things but these are basic ways of helping all of us getting back into our game.

A supplementary tip to keep in mind, after a crash, your phone will not remember the last things you did to your Quahog and thus be unable to tell the servers, I’m sure we have experienced loading up our town to find our construction areas and character tasks non-existant, so it’s important to finish the app on your own terms, allowing a minute or two to be sure the app has not crashed. This can save the heartache of losing an entire workday or night of progress, allowing you to be sure to get that precious event prize in time.

Remember all of these steps,  if I help any of you I’ll be very happy!

Thanks for reading, comment below about whether you appreciate a new writer in town 😉



16 thoughts on “What can help YOU reduce your app crashing?”

  1. the game just got worse with the Trek Update…kicking me out at least 5 or 6 times every time i try and play. and of course when it kicks you out, it resets some or all of the changes you just did…so sending people on jobs…collecting something…you gotta redo it all over again. and often that stuff gets reset just by closing the game.

    i thought things might get better with this new Princess Bride update but its just as bad. what’s worse, over the months i started storing 60% of my buildings and decorations and only keeping the characters that are usually used on updates. it did help a lot, until Trek returned.

    now thats gone, the Princess Bride update is running…i ended up storing even more stuff so i have maybe 20% of my stuff out there and just lots of empty barren land and it STILL crashes like crazy.

    hadn’t updated my IOS (i play on an ipad mini) in a few months so finally updated that thinking it might help but it didnt. i even removed the game and reinstalled, i had to redo some of the tutorial before it let me load my saved game…but it even crashed during the tutorial when all i had was 2 characters and a house…

    i get that TinyCo is a smaller company and all but its gotten ridiculous. i thought maybe my ipad mini being the original, it just had issues running things now but i know the issue isn’t my ipad as my Simpsons game, which has a map thats easily 6-7 bigger, easily 6-8 times more buildings and decorations and a good 3-4 times more characters and it runs perfectly fine. and then i have many other games that are waaaay more power/graphic intensive and they run fine too as does all my other apps. and i even removed apps i dont use anymore thinking it could be a space issue…but i have a 64gb ipad mini and there’s still 20% leftover.

    when your game crashes when there’s barely 20% of anything….that isn’t a good sign. and the new castle area for the Princess update must be a power hog because it seems i often get booted when i just try and look at it. i kept wanting to believe that things would improve as the game got more popular and they’d get better servers or whatever is causing this but its only getting worse.

    anyway sorry for the rant. lol


  2. This has not help me at all. This game crashes all the time whether I have other apps running or not. I’m to the point of uninstalling it and never playing it again. Not that losing one person will change anything for TinyCo to fix the problem.


  3. Halloween event and the game is still crashing.
    There is no way I can be competitive at these times events with too much to collect when every time inplay it crashes. Sometimes when clicking on a character, sometimes when clicking on an event object.
    From reading the history here not much has changed.
    I’ve put far too many hours into my game progress to keep floundering.
    TinyCo, no more games for you. You ruined this one for me. Uninstalled.


  4. Just got Cleveland Jnr, when the list of stuff comes up to unlock the character, the game freezes, have to force shut the app, and when I restart it CJ’s house has got the ‘tick’ back, rebuild the house and then tap CJ, game freezes again, how frustrating!!!!! Love the game apart from this


  5. My game loads now. But it is frozen when my town shows up. I can hear the music and the voices. But the screen will not move. I can not do anything.


  6. I’m so sick and tired of missing out on prizes because this game crashes all the time. I played this game and have acquired quite a bit but this last Valentines event is a nightmare. Didn’t even come close to getting stuff because every time the couples show up, the game crashes. Restart the game and it says the couples will return in 3 hours. Pointless waste of time and a very good source of frustration. Another great game ruined.


  7. After constant crashing during every limited event made it no longer fun to play, I finally deleted the app today. The Simpsons app has never once crashed for me and while I liked the Family Guy game, I hated never being able to finish limited events an get any cool stuff. Soo it’s gone and unless they release it somewhere else that’s more stable, I’m fine with not playing it.


  8. Every time it gets to the last 2(ish) weeks of a big event my app crashes regardless what I do!, can’t throw a single one of my 31 furballs! very close to deleting it.


  9. Welcome Kwenz & fantastic post! I hadn’t thought of any of that before. Perhaps you could toss in the logistics of deleting and reinstalling the game, and how to contact TinyCo for tech support (as last ditch efforts) and this could be our site’s go-to trouble shooting post forever! Whenever a future reader presents us with game issues on a post, we respond with a quick link here to help them out.
    Again, great post!


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