Let’s earn some coin! Lesson #1 on ‘Farming’

Do you always run out of coin? Wondering how you can possibly afford to clear all these new blocks and stay ontop of new releases and events? Well let’s take a look at the easiest way to earn free currency-

Like alot of new gaming apps, we have a free to earn currency that is crucial to progressing in our ‘Quest for Stuff.’ How do we get ahold of lots of it? Well to save you from digging deep in your pockets and investing in premium currency (especially if you cant afford a pair of pants with pockets to dig in), let’s take a look at something we can take advantage of, it’s a technique referred to as ‘FARMING’

No not that kind of farming, take off that straw hat and put Brain Damaged Horse back in the Stables, we wont be plowing any fields today. What we need to focus on is the office building! Yes that useless looking building that doesnt seem to serve a purpose, well you’re about to learn to love them! TinyCo have provided these office buildings to funnel some coin into our town. ‘Farming’ is taking this slow stream of income and turning it into a cascade of money making.

You’re going to need to invest before you start getting any return, but the good thing is that the most basic of offices only costs $150 and takes 30 minutes to complete, so you can get up and running quicker then you think!

Common Office
Common Office

The plan is quite simple – move your town into a position/ into inventory so that you can have plenty of free space, and start plopping office buildings! You’re not going to stop at one though… 2? 3? 10? Well, farming is about taking it to the extreme, so if you’ve got the space, you simply dont stop building them. If you can fit 100… then build 100! A simple office building that sat in the corner trickling 10 coin every hour, is now potentially a gold mine in your very own Quahog earning THOUSANDS every day!

If you chose the $150 office, all you need to pay it back off is 15 hours (collect from it 15 times as it has a countdown of 1 hour), which can be done in a single day, and by then you’ll already have dozens of offices going! You’re only 15 taps from profit!

New farm taking shape
New farm taking shape

AHA! Now we are talking! And now you realize the farmers are to blame for such expensive land to the west! But dont stress over those plots of land just yet, that was just to keep all the rich farmers spending their ‘easily’ earned $$.

So the secret is out, you dont particularly need to invest in clams to succeed. All you need to do is turn your precious little Quahog into a hideously ugly clump of office buildings. But once you’re happy with the amount of coin you acquire, you can simply put your offices away and make your town look pretty again. Atleast you will be prepared for whatever is ahead.

Well we didnt say Farming was going to be pretty, but I did say you’d learn to love your offices! (…you do now don’t you..?)

If you dont agree with Farming or the way it takes advantage of the game, I totally understand. But atleast you can invest in a few more offices with an appreciation of what they can earn you.

If you do agree with Farming, I hope it saves you from those frustrating days when you wish you were able to afford that new event building and get ahead quicker. Because you can’t have fun if you’re frustrated!

Well good news for everyone, those who want to farm have got some advice to start things off and I’ll be posting more about the next step of farming soon. For those who want to keep their Quahog beautiful and do things without all the mayhem, I’ll be posting about ways in which you can fully harness the potential of the coin to be made from your character tasks.

Thanks for reading and happy tapping!
Any questions or advice of your own? Feel free to comment below =)



8 thoughts on “Let’s earn some coin! Lesson #1 on ‘Farming’”

  1. I started ‘farming’ before I had seen anyone talking about it. It only made sense. At the start, you’re always at the mercy of your ‘wallet’, so once the offices were available, I started building them at every opportunity. As p1ckles stated above, I also went with the Standard Office – same footprint, but it gives 7xp/$10 per hour vs. the Common Office’s 5xp/$10 per hour, so your XP racks up faster too. The extra $50 to build each is worth it when you can collect half as often to get the same return. I’ve got 125 going now, and may add to it with all the new land in Dist. 8 and out “West”. I’ve already surpassed $1mil – if I hit a cap on that, I’ll let you know!


  2. Great post Kwenz!
    I more prefer to office farm with Standard Offices, than Common ones, as the two offices’ relevant numbers (coin/xp rates and size) are identical but the Standard comes due every two hours instead of one. How this helps me is that I don’t have to be glued to the game every hour during the day. As long as I check it about every 2 hrs, I’m making the same money in half the time spent, as compared to someone farming a field of Common Offices twice in two hours. Plus I don’t miss out on quite as much money while I’m asleep.
    That’s my take on the great philosophy you’ve outlined here. I highly recommend that everyone office farm on some level in your town!


    1. Don’t give away too many spoilers yet, Pickles, we are only just getting started! But it’s good we have some expert farmers out there to give us more ideas =) Thanks for reading

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  3. I don’t argue with farming, i’d just rather build every building, and click on them regularly. I redesigned my town recently to put similarly timed buildings near each other . But now that i have a lot of extra room opening up, i might put some 4 hour buildings up in a corner somewhere.


    1. It’s definitely not the prettiest of things to see, but atleast you know why they love doing it so much now. You must connect with Facebook if you are viewing other towns, I hope we get another way to add friends soon, that way we can really see who is farming crazy!


      1. I redesign my Quahog. Sometimes I have +100 offices to collect money, another time I remove them to have a more good looking city.

        After mystery box I need money again…

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