PREMIUM: Unlock Rollerblading Bikini Peter Quicker

We have received 3 new premium stalls (similar to the stalls that helped unlock 80’s Pop Star Cleveland) which will help unlock Peter’s new costume – Rollerblading Bikini Peter!

Giggity-up Carnival Stall (COSTS: 100 Clams, EARNS: $10 and XP5 every 4 hours) drops Rollerskating Pony ALWAYS:


Traumatized Fish Carnival Stall (COSTS: 100 Clams, EARNS: $10 and XP5 every 2 hours) drops Bikini ALWAYS:


Shihoopy Carnival Stall (COSTS: 75 Clams, EARNS: $10 and XP5 every 1 hour) drops Cutoffs ALWAYS:


Are you going to buy the premium stalls which would cost 275 Clams in total? Are you holding out until it gets closet to the event end date – 11th July?


15 thoughts on “PREMIUM: Unlock Rollerblading Bikini Peter Quicker”

  1. how am I supposed to unlock rollerblade peter when the middle thing I need never unlocks. Bonnie and Lois have to do some thing where they are in bras but they need a certain quest or building to do that. I don’t get it. 😦 I hope thisd does not require something with clams.


      1. there are o more quests. I think the last one was given by peter where I was to put 10 fireworks in. after I did that it just ended.


    1. I think the tramatised fish mate if I were u, it’s got the uncommon items and you’re more likely to pick the other ones up from tasks bud – but see what others would do lol thats just my opinion!


  2. They look awesome so I have bought all three, although I am not sure I wanted bikini peter any quicker *shudders* lois would have looked much better in that costume! 😉


    1. Very true 😉 I wish you were sat on my shoulder telling me not to buy them at the time as I didn’t think about how it would result in me having a half-dressed Peter blading around! :p


  3. I bought all three! They are WAY cooler than the the pop star Cleveland premium “buildings”. And they look AWESOME as part of my boardwalk set up.


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