King Butt’s Tasks

A little late but better to be late than never! Find King Butt’s tasks and earnings below:

Task: Chug a Drink
Duration: 1 hour
Earnings: $20, XP12

Task: Take Selfies
Duration: 4 hours
Earnings: $50, XP30

Task: Get Angry Drunk
Duration: 8 hours
Earnings: $80, XP50

Task: Read Butt-Flex Magazine
Duration: 24 hours
Earnings: $100, XP100

So, if you have King Butt – was his four tasks worth it? Did you expect him to drop butts? If you didn’t reach 100k Moon Idols, do you wish you could make King Butt take selfies?



8 thoughts on “King Butt’s Tasks”

  1. That was like very impossible to get king butt. I even spent my money to get the item that dropped a lot of butts and still only got to 83,000 butts. I was almost there with the jell yo shots but needed 40 shots and i only had found 25! That was next to impossible because they only had 7hrs to do the task to get the shots. They were even saying there was building to place to get the shots…not once did i find that building to place. I was very disappointed and upset with not being able to get king butt when i worked my butt off to try and get him 😦


    1. You aren’t alone! A lot of players feel the same way… I know there was some issues with the Jelly-Yo shots stalls but it is odd that they were never added! Maybe TinyCo should have lowered the Jelly-Yo limits to fit with the absence of Jelly-Yo dropping stalls! I believe they were going to be premium though.


    2. I have a friend who spent a couple hundred dollars on the game and was actually able to unlock King Butt. I don’t have that kinda $ to spend, but it seemed that was the only way.


  2. There just wasn’t enough time to unlock the golden statue or King Butt.
    I hope this even will be available again and that our previous balance of golden butts is saved somewhere so we don’t have to start all over again.


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