End of event FREEBIES!

We have all waved goodbye to Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event – but waved hello to our freebies!

If you check in your inventory you will find Cleveland’s House:


It is free and is instantly built (even though it says 4 hours build time)!
Earns: $30, XP20 every 4 hours

If you check your shop menu you will find a free Sandy Pyramid:


What did you think of the event? Are you pleased we now have a house for Cleveland? Who doesn’t love freebies?!


14 thoughts on “End of event FREEBIES!”

  1. I appreciate all these freebies, but i busted my ass killing mummy’s and bought a moon idol producer and spent money on clams and still couldn’t get past 75,000 idols. Pretty disappointed that the first major event of this game didn’t result in me getting all the items (King Butt and the Gold Statue). TinyCo should look over accounts and see who really tried hard and let them have him. Or at least give us some other chance to unlock him.


  2. Dont forget about the museum. Also in the inventory for free… And one question, im lvl 35 and have not unlocked yet stewie, carter, reporter , connie and mayor… Can either of them unlock now or after the next update? Thx


    1. I have added the museum to the other event building earnings post as we already had the building and bought it with Moon Idols (not free) the 4 characters cannot be unlocked at the moment, TinyCo should be releasing them soon when we receive a new update 🙂


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