What have you done with… (#7)

I have been moving things around in my Quahog and thought I would share what I have been spending my evening doing with you guys, hopefully you will share what you have done with yours!

This is the seventh in the series of “What have you done with…” and this post is about the Barrington Country Club, Olympic Swimming Pool, Lotus Pond, Quahog Derby Stables, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and lots of flower beds:


I have placed the swimming pool here so the country club members can go for a dip (free-of-charge) to cool down after spending the day at the races (and losing) at the Quahog Derby Stables! The Lotus Pond and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon are just for decoration to make the country club a little more classy (and because I couldn’t think where else they would go!).

I would like to know what you have done with these items in your town? If you would like to share, you can either comment below and explain what you have done, or send me a screenshot at http://www.facebook.com/Familyguytips, or via twitter @familyguytipss, or via email familyguytips@yahoo.co.uk. Any I receive will be added to this post!


One thought on “What have you done with… (#7)”

  1. There was a post a while back where you can use a url to see your whole layout at once. I cant seem to find it. Does anyone remember it?


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