Doug’s Screenshots of his Quahog!

Following the post series “What have you done with…”, I have been sent 10 screenshots from DOUG!

Here are DOUG’s screenshots:


I like what you have done with the person ATM as it is quite a small complusory decoration, so it is great to see you have built it within your deco and made it fit in!


No wonder Peter and Lois need to Resolve their Marital Issues if they enjoy all this rubbing without each other!


The bird’s eye view of this section of your town shows how much time you have taken to design your town! I like the Church gardens, good use of decos!


Your Asiantown looks great, I especially like the Hey Cat Statue that is washing up from the ocean! Must be an illegal import? Do you think it says Made in China?


Bruce looks super excited that you are proud to be displaying the Gay Pride Float! I think the circus fence finishes it off nicely!


Wow! This looks like it must have taken you a while, but well worth it as it looks brilliant! I like the effect that the blue flower platforms look dangerous, who do you think would attempt using the blue flowers as stepping stones?


I think Buzz is trying to pretend he isn’t paying attention to Bonnie, whilst Peter has paid too much attention and ended up fainting on top of Jerome. Quagmire wouldn’t care whether anyone saw him watching Bonnie, he is performing a dance for her – in appreciation.


You volcano looks different here, maybe Peter and Cleveland could play human checkers when they have had a few too many, and cause the volcano to erupt as well as the Egyptian curse! I really like how you have set all of your event prizes, it is like your own hall of fame/trophy cabinet!


I don’t think the horse heard correctly – Peter and 80’s Pop Star Cleveland are dancing to ‘Foot Loose’, not ‘Let Loose’!


I think the mummy is enjoying the show from Mid-Life Crisis Lois, while Connie films it to broadcast it on FaceSpace!

Thank you DOUG for sending in these screenshots and sharing what you have done with your town!

If anyone else would like to send in their screenshots and feature on their own post, send them to, or via facebook –,  or via Twitter @familyguytipss.

Look forward to seeing WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!


4 thoughts on “Doug’s Screenshots of his Quahog!”

  1. Great shots of a cool town, Doug! Minus the lava, I too would love to sit in a hot tub and watch midlife crisis Lois do naughty stuff. I also like your use of the road circles, and the lava rectangle with the volcano in it (I had done something similar–great minds, huh?).


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