Becky’s Screenshots of her Quahog!

Following the posts – “What have you done with…”, BECKY has sent in their screenshots of their Quahog!

These were sent to me from BECKY:


The bus stop design is nice, I wouldn’t mind having that view. I like how you have spaced out the office farming to make it more of an office border! The Olympic Swimming Pool placing seems very fitting.


I like the flowery borders you have added, creates a nice colourful effect to your town!


It’s good the little children have a play park by their school for break times!


Your wharf looks very seaside! Let’s hope Joe doesn’t try to show off too much at the wheelchair skate park, as he might end up visiting the fish in the ocean or landing in a chair ready for a Razzle Dazzle!

Thank you BECKY for sending in these screenshots and sharing what you have done with your town!

If anyone else would like to send in their screenshots and feature on their own post, send them to, or via facebook –,  or via Twitter @familyguytipss.

Look forward to seeing WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!


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