The tiny Party Camel and new payouts!

In case you haven’t already noticed, here a few things that have changed in the game lately:

The Party Camel

If you unlocked the Party Camel before Monday by collecting lots and lots of butts, you would have noticed how the Party Camel was HUGE!

When you were placing the Party Camel, it would look like a normal sized deco, but once placed – it would have grown in size! It was bigger than The Griffin’s House!

TinyCo listened and made the necessary changes to make the Party Camel smaller and more in proportion.

New Payouts

I have noticed completed tasks that you are rewarded with Moon Idols are now paying out 100 Moon Idols, instead of the 50 Moon Idols. I think this began when we received the mini-update where Consuela, Buzz Killington and Brain Damaged Horse became Moon Idol earners!


4 thoughts on “The tiny Party Camel and new payouts!”

  1. I have the Swordsman Guard what are the next two prize??
    In peter’s pyramid notes there are 7 pages why is it stopped at 5?


  2. I actually liked the enormous Party Camel. At first it upset me, but then I made space for it and would randomly tap it to see the enormous jump. Now it’s tiny again. 😦 i think I wish it were in the middle. I have over $350k so I started putting buildings into inventory to make space for the new items.

    Another questioon, since the district with the pyramid has a museum, does anyone think that will eventually become the municipal district where we can get Mayor West?


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