Zoom and Mummies and Clams…oh my!

1) Updated to version 1.0.11 on IOS today and oh my what great new features. You can now zoom in to a point where a character takes up most of a screen… allowing you to see all the hilarious detail and all the sexy shots of Lois, Lois in lingerie, Lois in a Bikini, Lois in a well you get the point… try not to look too long or you might go blind… or grow hair on your palms…Giggity.

SM Lois noose zoom

A zoom out feature allowing to see a majority of your town has also been added.

2) Of course we’re still slaying Mummies, but there’s a Quagmire quest line that will result in a sexy lady mummy…if that’s your thing. Haven’t unlocked this vile mistress, here’s a NSFW (wink) screenshot… if you think you can handle it.

mummy flash

3) Have you noticed while clicking on all these undead party animals that there’s an occasional chance of getting a clam. It finally happened to me! Don’t know what the exact chances are of it, but the chance of winning a clam from a Mummy is better than the chance of Brendan Fraser winning an Oscar from a Mummy(movie)… bad dum dum. I’d say i’ve slain more than a two hundred fifty mummy’s so maybe there’s a chance of it happening after a certain number are smoked. Only got the one so far, so it’s tough to say. If we can attain that exact number then we’ll post it.

Mummy giving a clam

That’s it for now. Happy Clicking. And when it comes to Mummy’s…Kill em All!



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