Highlights of the Live Discussion!

Do you think TinyCo should take away the extra rare and uncommon items? Do you want another option to add friends other than Facebook? Find out TinyCo’s responses to these much asked questions, plus many more (extracted from the official Facebook for Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff):

“Remove the extra rare and uncommon status of items”

TinyCo: “these play an important role in the game, giving many players many tasks to complete over the lifetime of the game. We also love the joy created when someone finally completes S&M Lois or Tweaked Out Peter. That said, we’re getting a ton of feedback on rare drops, and will be looking at ways to improve it so players enjoy the game even when it’s not raining eyeballs.”

“Find a method other than FB to add friends.”

TinyCo: “This is one of our top suggestions and we definitely hear it loud and clear. We are looking into this for the future. It would require a lot of detailed changes, though, and if we add it, we want to make sure we add it right.”

“Any chance for a menu of available characters (like a drop down) so we don’t have to spend minutes searching for someone who wandered behind a building to send them on a quest.

“TinyCo: “This is a very popular feature request too! We’ll definitely be sharing this with the team.”

“Please bring back Peter the clown, a couple of days just isn’t long enough to do the quests”

TinyCo: “I doubt we’ve seen the last of ol’ Pee Pants”

“Why not till the challenge ends when visiting friends, why not instead of money u get butts????”

TinyCo: “This was an original feature of the event, but we discovered a bug with it very shortly after the event launched. We are looking into adding this back into the game, but we cannot promise it. Thanks for participating!”


TinyCo: “what rewards would you like to see?”

Do you have any ideas regarding daily rewards? TinyCo read this blog and I will end any responses to TinyCo as well! Comment below with your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Highlights of the Live Discussion!”

  1. I think for the daily reward it should start out with coins on days 1,2 & 3, days 4 & 5 mystery box with coins, clams or quest items, days 6 & 7 clams. Clams would be great as they are so hard to come by. Or could do the amount of clams = to the number of days you play in a row.. 1 clam on day 1, 2 clams on day 2, 3 on day 3 etc.etc…..


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