PREMIUM: Chaste Camel

Chaste Camel is one of the three new buildings we have received today/yesterday which drops Canteens to help us obtain Cleveland. Carry on reading to find out when you will be able to tap on the building and what episode the building has appeared in:

The Chaste Camel costs 75 Clams.

It says it earns $5 amd 2XP every hour and drops Canteens, but you can only collect from it every 2 hours.

Every two hours you earn $10 and 5XP, and have a chance of collecting Canteens.

The Chaste Camel is from the episode “Turban Cowboy”.

During this episode, Peter gets taken to the Chaste Camel by Mahmoud. When Mahmoud tells his wife to collect Peter’s dry cleaning, Peter wants to become a Muslim.

Later in the episode, terrorists are in a back room plotting to blow up the Quahog Bridge, and Peter somehow becomes a part of the terrorist’s plans!

Here is the Chaste Camel from the episode:


And here is a screenshot of the Chaste Camel from the Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff game:


This is the cheapest of the new premium buildings, but you can still earn an item you need to unlock Cleveland. Will you be buying the building that terrorist’s used to plan attacks and a building that helped Peter’s decision to convert to a Muslim? Maybe the episode “Turban Cowboy” was one of your favourite episodes, so you NEED the building?!


One thought on “PREMIUM: Chaste Camel”

  1. Thanks Milford, we at FamilyGuyTips try our hardest to make sure all our fans are happy and have as much info as poss about the game and any issues 🙂

    RyPod 🙂


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