Troubleshooting: Have you collected more than 40000 coins?

I have had a report from a player that they have completed all their quests and unlocked every costume and character, so they have just been building up their coin bank, but they have been facing the following problem:

The player has reached 40000+ coins but when they collect more coins from buildings or tasks, their coins aren’t being added to their coin total.

They have also noticed that only coins are dropping from the building, but no XP.

Have you encountered this problem? (Please mention whether you are a iOS or Android user)


11 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: Have you collected more than 40000 coins?”

  1. I have a similar problem of sometimes the coins not adding, but mostly now not all characters are dropping XP. Thier level or task does not matter.


  2. I’m an android user and have written before about not receiving achievement awards for attaining the whip in the s&m lois and headband in the rambo lois


  3. I had that problem on my IOS. No $ and no XP from houses and action indoors. When I switched to Android everything worked again. Switching back to IOS, it worked there as well. Problem solved! 🙂


    1. Thinking about it, I did have the same bug during circus event. I contacted Tiny Co and they refunded me. Thankfully its not happened to me since…


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