Troubleshooting: Are your Characters behaving?

I have received some reports regarding payouts from characters.

Some players have been experiencing problems when collecting their rewards after a character has finished their task.

The problem:

When tapping on a tick bubble above the character that has finished their task, only $ has been dropping, but they haven’t been dropping any XP.

If a character levels up at the same time as when they complete a task, reports are that players aren’t receiving any $ or XP.

Are you experiencing these problems? (Please mention whether you are an iOS or Android user)


7 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: Are your Characters behaving?”

  1. My Quagmire hit level 15 today. When I tap on him to perform a task, his level indicator (under his picture) just says “Max”. Is he really leveled up to the max?


    1. That is the max level for Quagmire. I can’t remember of the top of my head but Peter has a slightly higher max level but most characters max level is 15, and the games max level is 40


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