UPDATE: How to unlock Anime Peter?

With the in game update, along came a new costume for Peter – Anime Peter. This is how to unlock the costume:

To Create Anime Peter, you need to collect:

8 Hey Cat Keychains (which are uncommon) and can be found by:

Make Mort Scrounge for Coins
Get from PF Chinese

3 Eyeballs (which are epic) and can be found by:

Make Dr Hartman Prepare for an Exam
Make Peter Have Eye-Ripping Fun

8 Sparkles (which are common) and can be found by:

Make Quagmire Do a Special Dance
Make Bruce Be a Good Listener
Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop
Make Connie Bask in Popularity
Make Tricia Report On-Scene

3 Headbands (which are extra rare) and can be found by:

Make Lois Practice Tai-Jitsu
Get from Video Arcade

Once you have collect all these items, you will have unlocked Anime Peter – his tasks can be found in the SPOILERS section!



19 thoughts on “UPDATE: How to unlock Anime Peter?”

  1. Followed your tip didn’t work on 1 hour task, but after 5 times of doing d exact same thing i alternate it w/ a 4 hours task (dr hartman) and i got 2 eyeballs in 5days… Tq so much….😄😄😄
    Ps : idk bout u guys but for me dropping rates increased after i just use 1 chara 4 d eyeball task… gud luck….😉😉😉


  2. I couldnt get the third ‘eyeball’ & i had been trying for a while. So i used a tip i found on this website & i finally got it! The tip is about how to get epic items to fall. 1st send peter (or Hartman) on epic item task at least 5 times, then send them on 1hr task, then send them on epic item task again. I did this & got the last ‘eyeball’!


    1. So pleased that this tip has helped yet another player 🙂 I had been giving this tip out on twitter and among the comments so I thought I would write a post instead so everyone could find it 🙂


  3. Has anyone unlocked anime peter? I have been trying for over two weeks to get eyeballs….. I have one. Up until recently I was having peter and dr Hartmann do their 6 hour tasks, but I now have peter doing things to get moon idols.


    1. I’ve been trying for…. well it feels like forever and I’m yet to receive one eyeball. I’m starting to wonder if it’s fixed that I’ll never get one. Reckon I’m 0/70. What to do?


      1. i got 2 eyeballs in 2 days but even though ive got peter and the dr working round the clock just cant get last one to drop,sending me crazy!!!!!!


  4. Any tips for getting eyeballs? Peter and DR. Hartman have been working around the clock for about 2 weeks now, but I haven’t been able to get 1 eyeball. does it help to have the characters switch task then return to the ones that have the possibility of finding items?


    1. I have had exactly the same. I started thinking that “EPIC” meant that getting this would be epic, in other words, very very rare. I have had more bandanas than eyeballs (1 vs 0) over the last 2 weeks of constantly trying to get them.


  5. This is Not the best Place to write this but… Can someone tell me if this is a bug, a glitch or it’s just the way it is? When I send the characters on 1minute task I only receive coins, not XP… Thank you in advance


    1. Hi S! Thank you for your comment, I haven’t experienced this myself, so I don’t think it is the way it should be, but I will ask other readers whether they experience this problem and let you know whether you are the only one?! Have you tried sending an ingame message to TinyCo about this issue as they can get into your game and account info and try and fix it?


      1. You can message TinyCo in game, I have a tutorial on here if you are unsure how to do it, otherwise you can email help@tinyco.com but you need to write down all of the white numbers and letters that appear at the bottom of your screen when you are on the splashscreen, as that is your account number, which you need when contacting TinyCo. Thank you very much S 🙂


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