UPDATE: It is now Monday in the UK

Well, Monday has arrived in the UK and I am still seeing clowns appear even though I have unlocked Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown.

Also, I still received this notification:


…even though I already had Peter’s costume, although this is another sign the event is ending this weekend (on Sunday somewhere in the world!)


12 thoughts on “UPDATE: It is now Monday in the UK”

  1. I’m just gonna wait the three last hours and hope that I will still receive the last horn I need, The notification still pops up, looks like they listened to everyone’s complaints and extended the thing. If Pee Pants slips through my fingers, too bad for me then, I never gamble unless there’s a fun fair in town anyway. Might as well just take a virtual gamble then. 🙂


    1. WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!
      Thank the game-god for waiting and not spending any clams on the costume. Thank who-ever is responsible for the last chance. I now have Pee Pants, I’m so happy, I’d almost pee my own pants! 😉
      Yay! n_n Now Peter can clown around in my town as well. 😀


  2. I’m also not sure if I should buy the outfit, I’m one pie and one horn short! 25 clams to buy. I don’t know whether to hold out until I have all pies so it will be slightly less clams or whether it has been extended and I have the time to collect it all, I will have the next pie in an hour and the last horn around 12pm, what to do?! Lol


    1. I can’t really advise whether to spend money in Clams or to use any Clams you have on getting the clown costume, but I also can’t tell you about when the event will end as I was told yesterday that it wasn’t going to be extended, yet the clowns are still reappearing?!

      If you haven’t read the posts regarding Pee Pants and his tasks, etc. You may want too to help you make your mind up 🙂 or if you want it to be a surprise, either go for it or wait to maybe get the last item, whichever option you choose, let me know! 🙂


      1. I have decided to wait, 20mins and I will have the last item! Yay! I’m sure it won’t just end by then, it better not! Lol Thank you for your response! x


    2. I think I’m gonna just sit, wait and hope that at 4:45 I can still get the last horn I will then need. As long as they don’t fix the crashing problem for my friendzone, I don’t have a whole lot of ways to gain back the 30 clams I will otherwise have to spend on the clown outfit.

      I would be bummed out if the event stopped earlier, but then again, being a freemium gamer, I wouldn’t spend hard bucks on a virtual town that easily.


  3. I noticed this too, around half past twelve (after midnight) I checked the game to see if pee pants has gone away, but instead I received the last chance notification. It’s now about 9 o’clock here and the sign hasn’t gone anywhere just yet, still here. Now it leaves me wondering: shall I spend clams to make sure I will have the clown costume, or wait eight more hours to get 2 more horns? Especially since I hardly have any way to win clams (my friendzone has yet to be fixed, it crashes the game as soon as Ollieland is supposed to show), or will I take the gamble and hope they just extended it? Apparently, the event started around 12 o’clock (midnight) on friday here and if it was just a weekend-event, it seems like they really did extend this.. And if they did, I was wrong in my other comment.

    Anyone sharing the same thought that they extended this event with a day? Anyone who can help me out with my decision of either buying it with my very rare-rewarded clams or waiting eight more hours?


    1. If I was you, and I wanted Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown more than any of the premium items, I’d go for it, but I would be really annoyed if the event was extended and I spent Clams, but then I would be equally annoyed if I didn’t use my Clams and the event ended with no warning… it’s hard :/ let me know what you decide!


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