UPDATE: The Greatest Little Quahog Circus End Date and Time

I have had a little search in the files, and have found some information relating to the end date and time of the event, The Greatest Little Quahog Circus:

End Date: 10/05/2014 (or 05/10/2014 for the american readers)
End Time: 23:59

If you play or have played the similar game to Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff, you will know that what the game files say regarding event times and dates can always change and sometimes do not reflect the real end date and time, just thought I would let you know what I have found – BUT if this is true, we would really have until the end of next Saturday…

My advice would be to keep collecting until the date and time is confirmed officially.


12 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Greatest Little Quahog Circus End Date and Time”

  1. This was a absolute fail, for an event only given us 4 days and a half, the people on face book and I find this disappointing, a ill time notice of begging and ending gives a bad impression on the ones playing this, Fox and tiny should be ashamed of what they did to the consumers, My best tip: Longer times like tsto. A reimbursement would be nice. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff News According to game files clowns will stop spawning after 10th of May at 23:59!
    Like · 1 · May 3 at 6:19am fire the person who posted this, and shame on fox and tiny shame,


  2. The decorations and clowns are gone for me, too. I just needed a few more pies!

    However, Peter the inebriated clown is still in the costume shop and clicking the pie says “This isn’t currently available. Check back in the next district.”


    1. Wow! Thank you for this information… I wonder if players that weren’t able to unlock Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown will be able eventually? I will try and find out 🙂


      1. For those who have the clams to spend, it’s still buyable. 🙂
        Whether or not the clowns will make a reappearance, I can’t say that for sure, I can only guess. The comment makes you want to believe they will.


      2. I don’t know how much the clown costume will cost with clams, I think it’ll be different for everyone, as the cost reduced when collecting pies and so, but can’t say for sure if this is the case, as I was lucky enough to get the costume yesterday. Someone else who can confirm a pricerange for buying the costume with clams?


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