FORUM: FamilyGuyMobile

I have been wanting a forum for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game since I downloaded the game on 10/04/2014, little did I know that there was already a very active forum!

I have been speaking to the administrator and owner, Mr G, and he is happy for me to link his forum ( to this blog. I have updated the link in the blog’s menu so you can easily access the forum.

There are 190 members, 7.392 posts and 272 threads at the time of writing this.

The forum staff have obviously worked very hard at Family Guy Mobile  to give you the best place to talk about any aspect of the game, or just to have a general discussion.

I have already signed up, what are you waiting for? Just take a look of a screenshot of the forum and how active it is, don’t you want to be apart of this growing, friendly, helpful community?

(You can also click the screenshot below to get the forum!)




6 thoughts on “FORUM: FamilyGuyMobile”

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  2. Does anyone knows if it’s possible to stop a quest? I’ve send one character in one task by mistake. How do I stop it? Is it possible? Thanks for the help.


    1. As far as I know, there isn’t I’m afraid. I tried before to no avail :/ I even tried storing the related building and it didn’t work, sorry I couldn’t be more help! Maybe that should be a feature TinyCo add soon!


    2. Actually there is a way to stop the task, but much like tsto, it’s gonna cost you clams! If you click on the character doing a task, you see a golden button with >> in it, if you click that button, you’re prompted to spend some golden clams, if you spend ‘m, you get your character back. I wonder if there is a way to box your characters just like in tsto to stop a characters task too? But the speeding up by spending clams, yes sir, it’s in the game!


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