UPDATE: Quest – The Greatest Little Quahog Circus

This is a walkthrough from the beginning to the end of this quest, so if you haven’t unlocked splatted all 10 clowns, you can choose whether to read on:

Peter kicks the quest off. Dialogue between Peter and Chris appears after you tap the exclamation mark bubble above Peter’s head:

Peter: “Hey, the circus is in town! Let’s throw pues at the clowns like we’re in on their bit!”

Chris: “I’ll do it! You’re a terrible influence, but you’re still my father so I crave your approval!”


The quest box appears after you have tapped the green ‘OPEN QUEST’ button:

the greatest little quahog circus quest edited


Now, you need Chris available – as the quest is to Splat 10 Clowns.
*REMEMBER: the clowns respawn at different intervals. If you check back each hour, you will find the clown that drops pies. If you check back after 4 hours, you will notice a respawned horn dropping clown has reappeared. More about the clowns can be read here.


You will have 2 clowns in your town, 1 of each type. Tap on a clown and then tap the green ‘CLEAR’ button to make Chris splat the clowns with pies.

Next, you will have some extra time on your hands whilst you wait for your next clown to reappear.

You could buy the Cotton Candy Stand for $500. While you wait for the next clown (which takes an hour) – you could wait and tap the Cotton Candy Stand every minute, for a whole hour, Ta dah! You have earned all the Cotton Candy you need. You can buy more than 1 Cotton Candy Stand to speed up the process (can own 3 stands in total).

Once all 10 clowns have been pie’d, Chris will say:

Chris: “That was fun!”

Chris: “On another note, do you need to go to the doctor if you were bit by a clown?”


The quest is completed, and your reward is 10 FREE CLAMS!





3 thoughts on “UPDATE: Quest – The Greatest Little Quahog Circus”

  1. can we please start a petition to keep this one going past Sunday also can we buy the buildings needed with coins not clams?


    1. I will just create a petition now and post it on here. If you want change, it would be good if you could share the petition to get enough signatures as they won’t change anything without enough people complaining.


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