UPDATE – Troubleshooting: How to get Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown without using Clams?

I am hoping that everyone has splat at least 2 clown by now – there is only 58 hours and 33 minutes until 00.00 GMT Sunday (hopefully we will all get the extra 24 hours of Sunday to complete the outfit and collect all the items).

You DO NOT need to spend Clams to earn the Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown costume, just a lot of patience!


I am just giving a quick run down on what you need to collect and how you can collect the items:

To unlock the Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown, you need to collect:

60 x Cotton Candy Sticks

40 x Pies

15 x Horns

pee pants edited


If you don’t, you will either have no Hobo Clown or you will be forced to fork out on 900 Clams!


You can collect Cotton Candy Sticks pretty easily.

We are only required to collect 60, therefore – if you sit on Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff for a whole hour, you will have all of your Cotton Candy Sticks as the cotton candy stand gives you one every minute.

cotton candy stand edited


You can collect Pies from splatting Grumpy Clowns (the clowns in red).

1 x Grumpy Clown respawns every hour. So you can collect 16 pies, potentially, in one day – if you only sleep 8 hours and play it every hour to collect your pies. You need to collect 40, so if we have until the end of sunday, that is 60 hours (3 days) – so you need to collect around 13 – 14 a day.

grumpy clown edited

PREMIUM – Pies drop from Guess Your Weight Machine by chance but it costs 100 Clams (you can collect from it every hour, much like the clown)


You can collect Horns from splatting Surly Clowns (the clowns in purple)

1 x Surly Clown respawns every 4 hours. You only need 14 horns, so in 3 days, you need to be collecting at least around 4 – 5 a day.

surly clown edited

PREMIUM – Horns drop from Clown Tent by chance but it costs 100 Clams (you can collect from it 4 hours, much like the clown)


How are you liking the new update? Are you panicking about getting the costume?


12 thoughts on “UPDATE – Troubleshooting: How to get Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown without using Clams?”

  1. All my clowns are gone, and when I check the costume shop and click on the pies it says “This isn’t currently available at the moment, check back in the next district” and I only have 31 of 40 pies.
    Its been like that for a long while..


    1. I guess this is one of those weird ones where you can start but if you don’t finish in time, you MUST spend clams to complete.
      Unlike Consuela, whom you can’t even start without clams.


    1. One clown respawns every hour, whilst the other clown respawns every 4 hours. There is a troubleshooting post on this blog explaining respawn rates in more detail 🙂 hope this helps!


  2. Just an interesting point to add is that for every item you collect the amount of clams that the costume costs goes down so if you struggle to get those last few items and have some clams to spend why not splash out…..Really like these articles…keep them coming 🙂


    1. No, a notice came up saying the circus decorations are limited and only available until Sunday. If you go into your game again after already receiving the ‘circus in town’ notification, the decoration notification will come up instead 🙂


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