Character and Episode Tie in: Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown

If you would like to find out how we have ended up with a Hobo Clown costume, or you just want to know which episode the clown is from, then carry on reading:

The first and only appearance of Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown costume was S05E10, during Peter’s Two Dads episode.

Peter describes himself like this (when dressed up as the clown):

“Hey Kids, I’m Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown. I’m an adorable tramp who wears found clothing and eats out of your garbage can.”

The relevance to the tasks that come with the costume are from these parts of the episode, if you do not want to know about the tasks yet, then stop reading.

At Meg’s birthday party, Peter dresses up as the Hobo Clown. He has a long scarf attached to his tongue, which he asks Meg to take, but it results I  Peter vomitting (hence the ‘Do That Scarf Task’).

Another incident in this episode relates to one of his tasks (‘Extract the Unicycle’), where Peter gets very drunk and thinks it is a good idea to ride a unicycle down some steps, not knowing that this accident would result in his stepdad, Francis’, death.

The rest of the episode is about Peter travelling to Ireland to meet his real dad, Mickey McFinnigan, that’s why the episode is called Peter’s Two Dads.

pee pants hobo clown


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    It’s not clear! It will be on Saturday night at midnight or on Sunday night? And what time line, I am in France, it will be Sunday here before than in the US! It’s not clear, a big mess! Can we just have a count down?


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