UPDATE: A Quick Guide to The Greatest Little Quahog Circus with LINKS

Everybody needs to log into their Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game… RIGHT NOW!!!

Something new is happening and you need to start it now as it is only happening until Sunday…

Why are you still sat here reading this? Didn’t I just tell you that you need to be sat playing your game to be unlocking the limited edition clown outfit for Peter! We need to make Chris splat Clowns with Pies!


We have Clowns!


We have Cotton Candy!


We need to collect Horns!


We need to collect Pies!


We need to collect Cotton Candy on a Stick!


We have new decorations!


We have carnival style houses!


We kinda have Circus Buildings!




quahog circus



16 thoughts on “UPDATE: A Quick Guide to The Greatest Little Quahog Circus with LINKS”

  1. Hi there i have been constantly logging in to try clear the clowns with chris but they just dont appear often enough, with having to collect 40 pies and only being less than half way there it just seems abit unfair ending sunday, i have to work, sleep and have kids to look after how am i supposed to get the new outfit without making this game my life


    1. I know how you feel! It would be nice to have a countdown or some other indication to when the event ends. Hope you have managed to collect what you can as well as spend time with your family!


  2. I just started to play and I have no friends that play. Add me as a neighbor so we can go into each others towns.

    User name: WarChildNJ


    1. There is a post on here about the clown spawn rate 🙂 1 clown spawns every hour and the other spawns every 4 hours 🙂 specifics can be found on the troubleshooting page!


    1. When you tap clear, chris and the clown will throw pies at each other, then the clown disappears and hopefully drops either a pie or horn – depending on the clown, as there are two types which drop different items 🙂


    1. The advice is to force-close your game, and restart it. If the problem persists, please contact TinyCo as they are investigating the problem as we speak. I have just written a post about this problem as I am experiencing this bug too.


  3. Thanks!! Unfortunately, I have chris on his eat sugar task for a quest an have 15 hours left 😦 terrible timing for me. Especially since I just spent all my clams on the church…


    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your question. I am just awaiting a reply to give you an answer. My clowns haven’t respawned yet but I will find out whether they do or not and let you know!


      1. Well if it only goes til Sunday, that isn’t enough time to collect all the horns and pies you need to unlock the character if that is all the clowns you get…lame.


      2. Hi Rob! Thanks for your comment. You get a clown every hour, and the other clown respawns every 4 hours so you can collect the items if you regularly log in without having to spend any Clams!


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