Premium Character: What Does Consuela say?

Do you ever wonder whether Consuela would say anything different, other than No, if you bought her for 300 Clams? Read on if you would like to find out what Consuela says in the game:
When Consuela is tapped, she says:

“Ohhh, no, no.”
“Nooo, no.”
“We need more Lemon Pledge.”
“Oh, hello!”
“No, no, is, no.”
“Iiii… no, no.”
“I have no money!”

When Consuela is picked up, she says:

“Ohhh, no!”
“Nooo, no.”
“Iii, no, no!”

When Consuela is put on a task, she says:

“Oh, I see.”
“Ok, yes.”
“Wait, I’ll freshen up first.”
“I’ll stay!”
“Ok, how many?”
“No problem!”
“No, I’ll stay, I clean!”

If you know of any other phrases that I may have missed, please let me know.



3 thoughts on “Premium Character: What Does Consuela say?”

  1. I think she says, “a fuera”… Although I have no idea what it means,. or if I’m even catching the right word. She says it when you tap her (can’t remember if she was doing a task or not). I just want to know what it means; hence the reason I’m here.


    1. Well the Spanish translation of “a fuera” is “to outside” but the translation of “afuera” is “out”, so maybe Consuela is saying one of these, if I could guess which one, it would be the latter. Hope this has helped 🙂


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