Characters: Complete list of all the characters in the game (so far!)

There are 22 characters to be unlocked in the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff game, 4 of these are premium).

I have complied a list of all the characters, including the premium characters, and the buildings they are found in:

Peter Griffin

Chris Griffin (found in The Griffin House)

Bonnie Swanson (found in The Swanson House)

Glenn Quagmire (found in Quagmire’s House)

Bruce (found in The Founding Father)

Jerome (found in The Drunken Clam)

Lois Griffin (found in The Stop ‘N Shop)

Mort Goldman (found in Goldman’s Pharmacy)

Joe Swanson (found in James Woods High)

John Herbert (found in Playground)

Meg Griffin (found in Quahog Oceanland)

Seamus (found in Lighthouse)

Brian Griffin (found in Quahog Public Library)

Dr. Elmer Hatman (found in Quahog Hospital)

Connie D’Amico (found in We Heal You Long Time)

Tricia Takanowa (found in PF Chinese)

Carter Pewterschmidt (found in Quahog Cinema)

Stewie Griffin (found in Bob’s Funland)



Buzz Killington (found in Barrington Country Club)

Consuela (found in Consuela’s House)

Brain Damaged Horse (found in Quahog Derby Stables)

Jake Tucker (found in Church)


What characters do you think will be added next? Or which characters would you like to see next?


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2 thoughts on “Characters: Complete list of all the characters in the game (so far!)”

  1. The latest character is Mayor West in City Hall.
    I’m level 19 so I’m not sure if he is veiwable by eveybody? (probably)
    He is not yet unlockable, neither are Stewie, Tricia, Connie or Carter (boo)
    I have all possible buildings, outfits and have completed all missions to date, so I have nothing left to do whatsoever.
    Hoping they are going to be available when an update takes place. If anybody knows of a way to unlock them, please tell me! Thank you 🙂


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