Quest: The Great Quahog Multiverse

Stewie appears and says:

Stewie: And Stewie shows up in the game! What’s up, bitches!

Stewie: It’s time for you to follow me into the Multiverse. Ollie Williams lives there.


Once you have tapped the green ‘OPEN QUEST’ button, the quest box appears:

multi 2 edited


A box appears with Stewie, it says:

‘Tap the social button to explore other Quahogs in the multiverse.’


The social button looks like two people in a blue box. When you have tapped this button, you get teleported to Ollieland:

multi 1 edited


Another box appears with Stewie, which says:

‘Tap characters to earn coins and maybe even Clams. And do it with your pinkie out if you wanna be fancy.’


Ollieland’s characters will have tick bubbles above their heads, you can tap 3 a day. You find a Clam in the tutorial, and a box with Stewie says:

‘You found a Clam! Invite friends and collect from them everyday to earn more coins and Clams.’


When you return back to your own Quahog, dialogue from Ollie says:

“Bye! Come again!”


You have completed the quest, and earned $25 and 20 XP:

multi edited


Do you like the chance of finding Clams in your friend’s towns? How many have you found?




6 thoughts on “Quest: The Great Quahog Multiverse”

  1. Hi!
    I am having trouble going to the multiverse. Whenever I click the social button, i get a black screen and it sends me to the home. If you can, will you please tell me how to fix this?
    -Thank You!


  2. Wow! This is very quick to have a Blog for the Family Guy Game.

    I used to subscribe to some Tapped Out (Simpsons) Blogs – and NOW someone also does this HARD JOB for my new favourite game. I wish you good look with your Project, and of course, I will put links in my German language blog article.

    Greetings, Ruediger


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