Characters: What does Peter Griffin say?

Whilst I have been playing Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, I have noticed that the characters I have already come across, all possess their own voices from the hit TV show!

This is a list of all the phrases Peter Griffin says in the game:

“Am I right?”

“No freaking way!”

*Peter’s Unique Laugh*

“Peter Griffin here, whaddya got?”

“That’s awesome!”


The characters also say different phrases when placed on task and when they are on task(and you tap them!).


When Peter is set on a task, he says:

“Oh God, Yes!”


I accidentally picked Peter up and heard a new phrase, so I continued to do it and heard lots of new phrases.


If you pick Peter up, he says:

“Oh to hell with this!”

“Oh thank god!”


*Peter’s Laugh*


“Woah! Woah! Woah! Woah!”

“Oh, I’m so scared!”

“That’s amazing!”

“How dare you…”


Let me know if you hear any other phrases from Peter that I haven’t added to this list.

What are your favourite quotes by Peter from the TV show? What would you have liked Peter to say in the game?




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