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How To Find Out How Many Mystery Boxes You’ve Opened

Hello awesome blog readers! So, we’ve noticed that a lot of you tappers out may be a little confused about exactly how many Mystery Boxes you’ve opened over the past four days. I have an easy way for you to clear that up. Continue reading

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Announcement: There Will Be 1 More Day To Get Rupert!!!!!

Hey, frustrated players: TinyCo has heard your issues, and they care!!!!!

Per game officials, the Tea Party event will be extended by ONE DAY!  Check out how it’ll work:  Continue reading

NEW EVENT: Superheroes. Sweaty Nerds. An epic battle!

Thanks to a very helpful Twitter follower, I have just been informed that we are going to be expecting a new event – although only some of us will receive the new event this Thursday, whereas the rest of us will receive the event a week later!
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Bare Bear Tanning Salon Glitch

If you were lucky enough to win Human Rupert during the weekend, you may have experienced the glitch which allowed players to place unlimited Bare Bear Tanning Salon’s – sadly, I still haven’t unlocked Human Rupert (Pickles, one of our writers, has been lucky enough to win him and place lots of Tanning Salon’s!) – but the glitch has been FIXED!

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Character: Rupert Unlocked!!!

Screenshot_2014-07-19-14-08-57From this weekend’s Tea Party Update, you can get the playable Human Rupert in your Quahog!!!  Keep reading for the details of exactly how to get him, what he does, and the neat building that he comes with.  SPOILERS GALORE AHEAD! Continue reading


EVENT: Tea Party, Rupert, and Level 50!!! *Updated & Complete*

This is the full walkthrough of this weekend’s events.  If you want to read a very specific post about all-things Rupert, check out our Rupert post here!  So, BIG-TIME SPOILERS AHEAD! You don’t even need to have Stewie unlocked to participate in this event!  Click to read more: Continue reading