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Comic-con the Items.

Faster than a speeding finger, more powerful than a 3G network… you’re probably wondering what items we’ll unlock via the next 46 days of tapping. You’ve already seen the rewards in a previous post, but there are several items that will help generate unlocking tools, like cans, pizza slices, comics, nails, and fruity beverages. I’m guessing you need these to unlock characters and what not. 100,000 buzz cans is a alot, but after people not unlocking everything in the Moon Idols questline, i hope they will make the 100,000 prize attainable, cause you know i want George Takei… oh myyyyy.

Here’s the new tools/characters in the build menu.

Items 1Items 2Items 3Items 4Items 5Items 6

Lots of things to buy, little dissapointed that it will take like 40 bucks in clams to get almost all of this stuff. But i suppose i’ll buy something to help create Buzz cans, but the one costs 200 clams and drops 25 cans in 4hrs and the other 100 every 6hrs, but that costs 400 clams… a bit overpriced in my opinion. But i guess it might just be better to see the pace of can collection. I want everything but i spent 20 bucks on the Moon Idol update and not sure i want to do that again.

Tap hard and Prosper.


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Comic-con the Repairing.

Now that you’ve begun your work in this update, I recommend going to your purchase Menu, then clicking Patrick Stewart in The Clamterprise. Click Go. Then you can pay 100 Blam Cans to spend 4 hrs to Repair the Clamterprise.

Repair Clamterprise

Which is pretty sweet since it will result in gaining Patrick Stewart as a character. Kinda makes me wonder if these celebrities we unlock will stay after the event, there’s several to unlock… i guess we will see…

You also can repair the Quahog Convention Center for 1,000 Blam cans which takes 16hrs to repair. Also the “Q” building with takes 350 Blam cans and 8hrs to repair… i’m guessing that’s some sort of secret headquarters… but only time will tell.

Repair Full

Well get to Nerd blasting…and of course Live Long and Prosper.


Comic-Con the beginning.

Front Screen

It’s finally here, on IOS now as well. The Comic-con event that will have us busy for the next 46 days. Sweeeeet!


Update your app, then you get this screen, hit GO, and the game reloads. And the explanation screen posts.

Explain Screen

Basically you’ll tap Nerds, similar to the Mummy taps of the last app. You will earn Blam! soda cans, the currency of this update, like the moon idols of the last update. You can then use these to repair areas, buy items, get characters, well more about this in another post.

Live long and prosper,


San Diego Comicon Tie in…

Get excited people later today, it’s 2am here, we’re getting the Comic-con tie in update to the game. Starring awesome celebrities and various comic related variations of our favorite Quahog characters. I’ll be keeping track of updates and such and posting as much as possible through out the upcoming days.

Comic Con 1 preview

Also if you’re lucky enough to get out to the San Diego Comic-con then stop by booth #4229 tonight from 6-8pm and show Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on your phone for a free Family Guy x Kidrobot figure!

Free toy

Boioioioioionggggg! Free stuff! Get it while it lasts people! Enjoy the nerdery and enjoy the people watching I was at C2E2 in Chicago and man was that a blast… feel free to post pictures of yourselves from the comic-con if ya can, especially if you’re dressed as Family Guy Characters… Hey maybe we’ll hold some kinda contest or something for the best dressed/worst dressed, whatever, I literally just thought of this.

Post pictures of yourselves at Comic-con, or at the Family Guy Booth on our sexy facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/familyguytips, we love to look at you… wait that was creepy, but accurate.

Game on,