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Highlights of the Live Discussion!

Do you think TinyCo should take away the extra rare and uncommon items? Do you want another option to add friends other than Facebook? Find out TinyCo’s responses to these much asked questions, plus many more (extracted from the official Facebook for Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff):

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Announcement: Open Discussion on Facebook

The official Facebook account for Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff announced they will be holding their first open discussion today at 3pm PST, and as we have lots of readers and players from lots of different places, I have made a list of some timezones from around thd world and what time they will need to log in on Facebook to join in with the discussion:
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Follow up: Responses regarding the Gay Pride Float

This is a follow up post showing responses from numerous media/communities regarding how they feel about the Gay Pride Float and whether it should be a ‘choice’ rather than a requirement to ‘have’ to buy and place the brightly coloured float (the first post can be read here).

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UPDATE: Troubleshooting : Did you already buy the Strength Test when it costs 25 Clams?

If you purchased the Strength Test when it was premium, and now you just feel cheated as you could have spent those Clams on something else.

You could get be entitled to a refund, and here is what to do:

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Quest: Quahog Connection Pt. 1

Stewie will appear during the quest – I am Legend… In Bed Pt. 2, and says:

Stewie: Connect to Facebook to play Family Guy with your real friends. Don’t worry, we’ll never post anything to Facebook without your permission.”

Stewie: “Unlike all of Rupert’s photos I’m forced to untag myself in. I have a job, Rupert!”
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Announcement: Social is back up and running!

A quick post just to let you all know that the social features of the game are now back up and running, and there have been reports that people have managed to get a Clam in every single friend’s Quahog town.

Remember: If you need more friends (so you have more chances of finding free Clams) go to the Friends post and add yourself!


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