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Fab four1

Fabulous Four (Copyright TBD).

Peter, Lois, Quagmire and Chris, oh my. Check out the sweet superhero costumes they have to offer… kinda wish they had Meg with her long nails that extend out…from the superhero viewer write in episode.

Fab four1

Captain Hammered – Peter
Red Hot – Lois
The Multiplier – Quagmire
Blobulous – Chris

These are all costumes to be unlocked for each of these four characters as the next 46 or so days progress.

Excited to see their tasks, but only time will tell what they are/when these all get unlocked. I can’t imagine anyone is at 35,000 Blams to Unlock Red Hot, if so, you’re some sort of magician. But i have unlocked Captain Hammered, he has a 10 minute build time (sweet!), once Peter is done with regularly tasking I’ll see what Captain Hammered has to offer.

Captain Hammered’s task “Wield Tiny Hammer” is part of the Quahog Comic Con pt. 5 questline, i’ll be tapping that in the morning.

How well are you progressing in this event… do you like it so far… I enjoy clicking the nerds…Also i watched Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan today in the event’s honor/it was on Epix movie channel which has a free preview this weekend. Yay me.

You will and always have been, my friend.


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San Diego Comicon Tie in…

Get excited people later today, it’s 2am here, we’re getting the Comic-con tie in update to the game. Starring awesome celebrities and various comic related variations of our favorite Quahog characters. I’ll be keeping track of updates and such and posting as much as possible through out the upcoming days.

Comic Con 1 preview

Also if you’re lucky enough to get out to the San Diego Comic-con then stop by booth #4229 tonight from 6-8pm and show Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on your phone for a free Family Guy x Kidrobot figure!

Free toy

Boioioioioionggggg! Free stuff! Get it while it lasts people! Enjoy the nerdery and enjoy the people watching I was at C2E2 in Chicago and man was that a blast… feel free to post pictures of yourselves from the comic-con if ya can, especially if you’re dressed as Family Guy Characters… Hey maybe we’ll hold some kinda contest or something for the best dressed/worst dressed, whatever, I literally just thought of this.

Post pictures of yourselves at Comic-con, or at the Family Guy Booth on our sexy facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/familyguytips, we love to look at you… wait that was creepy, but accurate.

Game on,


How To Find Out How Many Mystery Boxes You’ve Opened

Hello awesome blog readers! So, we’ve noticed that a lot of you tappers out may be a little confused about exactly how many Mystery Boxes you’ve opened over the past four days. I have an easy way for you to clear that up. Continue reading