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More about JustinMHorn

Hello there Family Guy Players!

You may have saw ZooeyMarie’s post about three new members joining the crew in order to make FamilyGuyTips a great place to go to for all your Family Guy: Quest for Stuff needs. Well while the other two members had their time to explain about themselves, I haven’t gotten to do mine yet so I figure I post a whole topic about it to learn more about your friendly neighborhood Comment Moderator.

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Tell TinyCo What’s On Your Mind!

Fellow Tappers Unite!

Here’s an opportunity to talk directly to TinyCo, and tell the developers of our favorite game exactly what’s on YOUR mind!  Hit them with both the good and the bad, and what you would like to see either added to the game or changed going forward.


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I have started this blog for anyone to use as a resource to find out tips, read walkthroughs and to share any knowledge they have.

I am in the UK so I never got to experience Family Guy BETA, so I was eagerly awaiting the release of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff on 10th April 2014.
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