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EVENT: Tea Party, Rupert, and Level 50!!! *Updated & Complete*

This is the full walkthrough of this weekend’s events.  If you want to read a very specific post about all-things Rupert, check out our Rupert post here!  So, BIG-TIME SPOILERS AHEAD! You don’t even need to have Stewie unlocked to participate in this event!  Click to read more: Continue reading

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POLL: What do you think about Rollerblading Bikini Peter’s Costume?

Let us know how you REALLY feel about Peter’s new costume – Rollerblading Bikini Peter! Multiple answers are allowed so pick as many as apply to you!


July 4th – Full Walkthrough

Screenshot_2014-07-03-22-16-28 The Independence Day update is HERE (until July 11th)!  For those of you still resting your fingers from all the mummy-tapping, it’s now time to start playing with FIREWORKS!

This update brings us new buildings, three and a half new questlines, a box (think: sarcophagus) that we can OPEN WITH COINS, lots of cool & patriotic/political freemium & premium items, and A FREAKIN WATERSLIDE!!!!

There’s a week to get it all done, so DON’T RUSH! Just be diligent and you’ll be fine.  Click ‘Continue Reading’ for the full walkthrough mixed in with a little humor. Continue reading

POLL: Rate the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event!



***Important Note: If you still want to play the Jelly-Yo game and rack up moon idols for decorations and Booty Boxes, WAIT TO UNLOCK HIM!  The Jelly-Yo game ends immediately when King Butt is unlocked, UNLESS YOU PUT THE GOLD ADVENTURE PETER TROPHY INTO STORAGE (neat glitch-and you don’t lose any shots)***


So, At LONG last, tonight’s update finally has KING BUTT WALKING AROUND AND TAKING SELFIES IN MY TOWN!


Check out the screenshots and a walkthrough of his unlocking below the fold.  WARNING: AWESOME SPOILERS AHEAD!

Continue reading

Having Problems With Tonight’s Update?

Hello fellow Quahogians,

We’ve been getting in reports of people having issues with the Throne update tonight.  Lots of folks are reporting that their throne is missing, or their game incessantly crashes.  I have some ideas and suggestions. For folks that may have been slow-rolling the recent App/Play Store updates, knowing that their mummy spawn rates would take a hit, this push update may have not jived with that strategy.  So, if you still can access your game at the moment, follow the Troubleshooting tips and maybe send a trouble ticket into TinyCo via the in-game Help & Support menu (the little blue button with the 9 squares in it at the bottom).  To contact them directly, use the little rectangle in the top right on the Help screen.  Be very specific (exactly what you did, what device you’re using, etc.).

There are some troubleshooting basics you can do yourself, including checking your respective App store to ensure you have the most current update.  Assuming you do, you can uninstall the app (ONLY DO THIS IF YOU’VE CREATED AN ACCOUNT AND LINKED TO GOOGLE/FACEBOOK!!!!! YOU’LL LOSE YOUR TOWN!). Once you’ve uninstalled, restart your device, and reinstall it from your App Store.  At a minimum, this should get you back into the game where you can send a direct message to TinyCo to alert them of your problems.

If you no longer have access to your game, send an email to with your issues.  They are very responsive and should get back to you with a course of action.

They definitely are aware of these issues and are working to get them fixed.  Expect a bug fix update soon to correct the issues.

So, keep the faith, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  If your experiences can benefit others, feel free to post them below, including if you receive any response from TinyCo.  We’d love to hear it!



KING BUTT IS HERE!!!! (& here’s how you get him)–Edited Wed. Night



TinyCo has bucked their recent Friday night update trend, and given us the next (and potentially last) updates to the Kingdom of the Full Moon event.  #Excited #KingButt #TinyCoCashGrab


Keep reading for most up-to-date details **CAUTION SPOILERS AHEAD!***  Let’s get King Butt in YOUR QUAHOG! Continue reading