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Results from the Survey & Poll: Free Clams for watching videos!

I have been busy collating and calculating all the results from the surveys and polls from the weekend to show you how many players have been able to watch videos earn Clams and the most common devices that this was/wasn’t possible:


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Survey & Poll: Can you earn Clams from Patches?

UPDATE: a reader pointed out that maybe only the players who have purchased the pets and have Patches roaming in their towns are able to watch videos so if you can watch videos, please could you let us know whether you have Patches too:

As we have been receiving quite a few comments saying that players are experiencing problems, we thought we would hold a survey to see whether there is a correlation:

Windows 8 Step-by-Step Tutorial

I have created a step by step tutorial which I have just finished (it was pushed aside during Christmas).

I hope this helps the new Windows players – as well as raising awareness that it is available to Window users too!

You can find the game on the Windows Store here

This is what the Windows store looks like on my Laptop, if you look on the image – it shows you where to search for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff:


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Character Tasks and Building Requirements

Ever wondered where your characters are? This list is a complete guide to where your characters are when they are on indoor tasks.

*****Any tasks completed at the Griffin House are not currently included*****

Costumes will be in a separate post!

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