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Where is OUR new toy?

We are all sitting around with our devices in hand and our fingers hovering over the Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff app icon, not only to feel disappointment every time our game FINALLY loads and you are presented with DESTRO as your toy of the day – STILL!

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How To Find Out How Many Mystery Boxes You’ve Opened

Hello awesome blog readers! So, we’ve noticed that a lot of you tappers out may be a little confused about exactly how many Mystery Boxes you’ve opened over the past four days. I have an easy way for you to clear that up. Continue reading

Announcement: There Will Be 1 More Day To Get Rupert!!!!!

Hey, frustrated players: TinyCo has heard your issues, and they care!!!!!

Per game officials, the Tea Party event will be extended by ONE DAY!  Check out how it’ll work:  Continue reading

Troubleshooting: How do I unlock Stewie, Carter, Tom and Mayor West?

I have seen and received a lot of queries from players regarding the four remaining characters, so I thought I would write a post and explain it!

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