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Nathan Fillion The Complete Guide

Yesterday was an exciting day for me as a huge geek! Nathan Fillion arrived! Even for 250 Clams he rocks my socks! This is the complete guide to everything Fillion! *****Contains possible spoilers*****
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2 hour Blam! earning tasks

You may be watching a movie but definitely do not want to miss out on earning Blam! energy drinks! 2 hours would give you enough time to watch a movie and prepare fresh popcorn (unless it’s a 3 hour long movie – in that case, you would need the 4 hour Blam! earning tasks!) Here are the 2 hour Blam! earning tasks:

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Characters: What Can I Make George Takei Do

Everybody wants to win George Takei, and everyone is probably rather panicked about how many Blam! is needed to win him, but here is a sneak peek at what you will be able to make George Takei do if you win him:

*someone from Facebook kindly helped me with George Takei‚Äôs tasks, I haven’t won him*

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