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Quest: Amazing Tom Tucker Deal!

When you have completed the Build-a-Blimp quest, you will start What the Deuce quest, which will lead you to unlocking Downtown! You will repair Quahog 5 News and be presented with the Amazing Tom Tucker Deal!

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Comic-Con quests


Thank you to one of our commenters – Tony – who kindly and unknowingly, pointed out how I had missed a vital FAQ in week 7, that I feel as if it should get it’s very own post (incase you have already read the FAQS post!).. this post will also be updated if and when I receive a response from TinyCo regarding other questlines!
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The Fabulous Four – Walkthrough

Welcome to Thursday evening’s / Friday morning’s update! Hope you are all very excited about the final week of Comic-Con!
Here’s the walkthrough for The Fabulous Four questline. *****Contains spoilers – you have been warned!*****


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