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Do you have any ideas for TinyCo?

Do you have any ideas about your favourite game – Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff? TinyCo read this site and your comments so here would be a good place to write your suggestions! I will pass all of the comments to TinyCo in an email – just to make sure they receive all of your ideas!

Here are a few of my ideas/wonders:

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So, How Are YOU Doing With District 8?

Hello, my favorite blog readers in all the world. Now that we’re a full 5 days out from the District 8 update, I’d love to hear how YOU are progressing with all of the new content. Instead of asking you to go down the list of how many of each various item you have collected, just let the world know how many clams it currently asks you for to unlock each character/suit, and what items you’ve been having the biggest problems with.

Starting out, it wanted:
1,665 clams to unlock Stewie
1,000 clams for PB&J Brian
575 clams for Falconer Peter
675 clams for Carter Pewterschmidt

As of this moment (11 pm PST, Wednesday) it will cost me:
1,328 clams for Stewie (was less before I used 15 Jewels towards Carter–only 8/30 right now)
375 clams for PB&J Brian (done with Maracas & coming along ok with the rest–except for dang banana peels)
215 clams for Falconer Peter (done with meat chunks, but just 2/5 leather gloves–Joe continually lets me down on them)
71 clams for Carter (done with money and Jewels)

I think the hardest item for me is a tie between the Blueprints and the Banana Peels… I would have bought a premium building that dropped either/both of these (leather gloves too!). I have bought one Family Jewels, pLace, and one Buncha Junk shop so far to help with other stuff.

How are YOU progressing? What are YOUR thoughts on the new content? Spent any clams on the new buildings available? I’d love to hear from you!
Thanks for reading & happy tapping!


Dear TinyCo… i’m at level 40.

Dear TinyCo,

I’m at Level 40, i keep doing tasks to gain experience, but my experience bar is no longer growing. So i will assume that level 40 is the cap currently. Please give me some sort of reward for reaching 40 and also rewards for the experience i’m attaining but not gaining. The payment can be in clams or items that help unlock characters faster, your call. Thank you.

Loyally yours,


PS. You’re doing a great job.

High praise


Tell TinyCo What’s On Your Mind!

Fellow Tappers Unite!

Here’s an opportunity to talk directly to TinyCo, and tell the developers of our favorite game exactly what’s on YOUR mind!  Hit them with both the good and the bad, and what you would like to see either added to the game or changed going forward.


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What Grinds Your Gears? Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon edition

As the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event is coming to the end (July 1st at noon Pacific time), I thought it would be great to hear YOUR thoughts about the first BIG event!
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What Happens When Full Moon Ends?–straight from TinyCo


Found this on the game’s official Facebook page:

Can I unlock Cleveland after the event ends?
If you have the museum built, you can still unlock Cleveland after the event ends, but it’ll be harder! Some of the items needed to unlock him will change. Once the event ends, the museum will automatically be moved to your inventory. Place this building back into your town to start collecting the new items needed.

What happens to the Adventure Peter or 80s Pop Star Cleveland costume?
If you have unlocked Adventure Peter or 80s Pop Star Cleveland, these costumes will stay in your game. If the costumes are still locked, they will no longer be available in the game after the event ends. 

Can I still unlock King Butt?
If you collected enough moon idols to unlock King Butt, he is yours to keep raging in the game. If you did not unlock him, he will no longer be available when the event ends.

What happens to the moon idols?
Spend all your moon idols now! These golden booties will go away after the event ends and they will not convert to other forms of currency.

What happens to the pyramid?
When the event ends, the whole event district, including the pyramid, will go away.

What happens to my treasures?
Any unclaimed prizes from your Treasures tab will be moved to your inventory.

Just in case you hadn’t seen it!  Keep butt grindin!


What Grinds Your Gears?

I was thinking a few weeks ago about starting a What Grinds Your Gears post series, but thought it may spark too much negativity if I wrote a specific post regarding each of the problems/issues I have noted from players – so why not just create one post with all the present problems/issues/suggestions which can be updated if and when other topics happen!

Feel like you need a rant? Do you really need to get something of your chest and vent? Comment below to let us know!

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