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EVENT: Tea Party, Rupert, and Level 50!!! *Updated & Complete*

This is the full walkthrough of this weekend’s events.  If you want to read a very specific post about all-things Rupert, check out our Rupert post here!  So, BIG-TIME SPOILERS AHEAD! You don’t even need to have Stewie unlocked to participate in this event!  Click to read more: Continue reading

4th July Items! (PREMIUM)

As with every update, we have some special premium items for 4th July, keep reading to find out how much the premium items earn:

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4th July Items! (FREEMIUM)

We have received quite a lot of new buildings and decorations for 4th July,  and here is the breakdown of the items you can buy without Clams:
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July 4th – Full Walkthrough

Screenshot_2014-07-03-22-16-28 The Independence Day update is HERE (until July 11th)!  For those of you still resting your fingers from all the mummy-tapping, it’s now time to start playing with FIREWORKS!

This update brings us new buildings, three and a half new questlines, a box (think: sarcophagus) that we can OPEN WITH COINS, lots of cool & patriotic/political freemium & premium items, and A FREAKIN WATERSLIDE!!!!

There’s a week to get it all done, so DON’T RUSH! Just be diligent and you’ll be fine.  Click ‘Continue Reading’ for the full walkthrough mixed in with a little humor. Continue reading



***Important Note: If you still want to play the Jelly-Yo game and rack up moon idols for decorations and Booty Boxes, WAIT TO UNLOCK HIM!  The Jelly-Yo game ends immediately when King Butt is unlocked, UNLESS YOU PUT THE GOLD ADVENTURE PETER TROPHY INTO STORAGE (neat glitch-and you don’t lose any shots)***


So, At LONG last, tonight’s update finally has KING BUTT WALKING AROUND AND TAKING SELFIES IN MY TOWN!


Check out the screenshots and a walkthrough of his unlocking below the fold.  WARNING: AWESOME SPOILERS AHEAD!

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