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Zapper latch 2

New Comic-Con Content for Week 2

We have received week 2 of the Comic – Con event – Mutant Stewie’s locking buildings, Ron Perlman in a cocoon, a Zapper gun to shot Latcher Stewie and lots of buildings, decorations and batteries! We have our LIVE update post which covered a lot of the content as and when it was discovered or shared, so here is the complete breakdown:


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EVENT: Tea Party, Rupert, and Level 50!!! *Updated & Complete*

This is the full walkthrough of this weekend’s events.  If you want to read a very specific post about all-things Rupert, check out our Rupert post here!  So, BIG-TIME SPOILERS AHEAD! You don’t even need to have Stewie unlocked to participate in this event!  Click to read more: Continue reading

4th July Items! (PREMIUM)

As with every update, we have some special premium items for 4th July, keep reading to find out how much the premium items earn:

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