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What Can I Make George Takei Do?

oh myyyHave the Minion Stewies shot your Blam! total through the roof? I know they have for me!

George Takei has arrived! Oh, Myyy!

george takei

George Takei looks so giddy to be in Quahog!

Here are his available actions!

  1. Look at Cat .Gifs – 1 day, $150, XP 100, Blam! 30
  2. Summon the Power of the Internet – 4 hrs, $50, XP 30, Blam! 10
  3. Flash Mob – 10 mins, $4, XP 2
  4. Eat Fish and Chips – 1 hr, $20, XP 12george takei actions

Any theories on what we might still need Blam! for? With George Takei in my grasp, all of the Blam! bought buidings, and a reserve of almost 40,000 Blam!, I am not sure why GeorgeĀ is still giving it out. Post your thoughts! Do you have George Takei, yet?