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Competition: Trivia Tuesday with Insticator!

Do you want to win 80,000 Insticator points to spend on rewards? Click on the following questions and answer correctly for a chance to win! Next week, Insticator will be giving away a fun little prize, so make sure you join in next week too! Find out who won 10,000 Insticator points from last weeks Trivia Tuesday at the bottom of this post!
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We’ve teamed up with Ohio Gamers!

We wanted to provide real time visual walkthroughs, so teaming up with Ohio Gamers seemed like the best possible solution to be able to show you the walkthroughs, as well as write them out for you too! Every time Ohio Gamers has a new walkthrough video, we will post it here!


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Windows 8 Step-by-Step Tutorial

I have created a step by step tutorial which I have just finished (it was pushed aside during Christmas).

I hope this helps the new Windows players – as well as raising awareness that it is available to Window users too!

You can find the game on the Windows Store here

This is what the Windows store looks like on my Laptop, if you look on the image – it shows you where to search for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff:


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