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Reformatting and Adding New Stuff to the Website

Hey Family Guy players!

You may have noticed that the site has been changing today. Well the members of this website are reformatting the website around so it looks more categorized and clean for your viewing. We’re also adding missing information in slowly as we update the site a little. Read more for more information on it.

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Hello there Family Guy Players!

You may have saw ZooeyMarie’s post about three new members joining the crew in order to make FamilyGuyTips a great place to go to for all your Family Guy: Quest for Stuff needs. Well while the other two members had their time to explain about themselves, I haven’t gotten to do mine yet so I figure I post a whole topic about it to learn more about your friendly neighborhood Comment Moderator.

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Who are these people?!

Well everything has uber geeked out in the Quest for Stuff this week…. well it has if you’re on iOS anyway (*grumbles about Apple for a few minutes….*). 

You will notice a whole host of extra geeky characters that have been added (or soon will be!) and if you don’t live in the world of sci-fi, comics and all things geekozoid this may have sent you on a googling rampage! Fear not though, as here is the flying guide to get you up to levels of geek you never knew existed…..

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