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Do you have any ideas for TinyCo?

Do you have any ideas about your favourite game – Family Guy : The Quest for Stuff? TinyCo read this site and your comments so here would be a good place to write your suggestions! I will pass all of the comments to TinyCo in an email – just to make sure they receive all of your ideas!

Here are a few of my ideas/wonders:

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FaceSpace – The First Social Networking Site for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Players!

Are you tired of taking screenshots of your Quahog but it never fits in one image? Not sure how to piece together lots of screenshots together just so you have a full image of your town? CoolHomer has made a site to ease your headache and frustrations – FaceSpace! All you need is your Player ID and your town is automatically uploaded to your FaceSpace – no screenshots and no manual uploads! Keep reading to find out more:

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