New Discussion Feature!

The FG:Tips Team have been working hard to create a new feature for the community! You will find a new tab in our menu which is called “DISCUSSION” – if you have any advice, tips, opinions, issues, or you need any help – you can ask at FamilyGuyTips Discussion! You can start your own conversation about anything related to Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, or help others by replying to their questions – you need to sign up for a wordpress account if you haven’t already got one to start a conversation, but you can reply without having an account! We hope you find this new feature very helpful, but also fun! We will see you there!

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Comic-Con Event for Android is Now Live!!

Hey Family Guy Players.

I just checked my game on my Android Phone and the game told me to reload for the Comic-Con event. So this is an announcement to let you know that Comic-Con event for Android players is now live. Check the topics here for quest and and other thing on what to do while you do the Comic-Con event. Have fun Android Players!!




2 hour Blam! earning tasks

You may be watching a movie but definitely do not want to miss out on earning Blam! energy drinks! 2 hours would give you enough time to watch a movie and prepare fresh popcorn (unless it’s a 3 hour long movie – in that case, you would need the 4 hour Blam! earning tasks!) Here are the 2 hour Blam! earning tasks:

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