New button to direct players to Death

TinyCo has added a new button to help you find Death while they work on a fix:

” We’ve added a button next to the Event Hub that will take players to Death via the Main Menu’s inventory. This button will only appear for players who have purchased Death but have not placed him in their towns yet.

We will have a fix for this bug in the next update, but we’ve implemented this button as a workaround in the meantime.”

Halloween Walkthrough Part 3

Classic Horror Tropes pt 3
<br />Have Slasher Bait Peter hum supernatural music..
<br />
<br />Death at Drive in pt 9
<br />Reach Scream level 4
<br />Start the next movie. The supernatural scary movie
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 5
<br />Place Quagmire’s haunted house
<br />
<br />I was lucky enough to get a 2 for 1 on the have Lois hide from slasher cat… (Classic Horror Tropes pt 2 and Death at the drive in pt 8)

Bring the movies to life pt 6
<br />Place the pumpkin tower
<br />Place 2 bloody footprints

Classic HOrror Tropes pt 4
<br />Have Slasher Bait Peter drink and smoke
<br />Have Quagmire comfort scared women.


Halloween Walkthrough Part 2

New 3 day quest: See no Evil
<br />Check out the Prize
<br />Clear 45 unholy nuns in 3 days..

Classic Horror Tropes pt 1
<br />Have Slasher bait Peter do football poses
<br />
<br />Bring the movies to life pt 3
<br />Place Death’s mom’s house

a 24 hr task:
<br />Death at the door
<br />Get Death’s bonus water balloon action (it says Get Death now to unlock access to a bonus water balloon action.) I don’t see how anyone can accomplish this. To get Death, you have to have other items from the Drive inn.. or you can pay 1454 clams!!!
<br />
<br />To get Death:
<br />1 Slasher bait Peter:-3 times
<br />Have slasher bait Peter be brutally murdered
<br />
<br />2. Scythes 8 of them extra rare
<br />Get from Slasher cat in the movie projection booth
<br />Make Lois Teach piano
<br />make Bonnie twerk it
<br />Make Quagmire photocopy private parts
<br />
<br />3. Sandals 18 of them uncommon
<br />Make Peter dig thru attic
<br />Make Bruce fret about something
<br />Get from house of masks
<br />
<br />Souls of the dead 20 of them common
<br />get from slasher cat cave in the movie projection booth
<br />
<br />Brimstone 15 of them rare
<br />get from Pumpkin tower in the movie projection booth

Special weekly quest walkthru.
<br />
<br />This weeks quest for the prize is
<br />
<br />See No Evil pt:1
<br />
<br />Check out the prizes
<br />Clear 45 unholy nuns in 3days.
<br />
<br />The prize for this week is a haunted house entrance.

Death at the drive in pt 8
<br />Have slasher bait Peter save Lois from slasher Cat
<br />Have Lois hide from slasher cat
<br />
<br />Classic Horror Tropes pt 2
<br />Have Slasher bait peter split up
<br />have Lois hide from slasher cat


Halloween Walkthrough Part 1

Death at the drive in pt 5
<br />Learn about using movie props
<br />Clear 5 unholy nuns
<br />
<br />Blast from the past
<br />Create the slasher bait Peter outfit
<br />Have slasher bait Peter save Lois from Slasher Cat​

The walk thru’s skip around some, due to up-ing the Scream levels and checking out things. ..
<br />
<br />Death at the Drive Inn pt 7
<br />Have Peter unlock car doors
<br />Have Lois break up love birds
<br />
<br />Somebody Scream pt 3
<br />Reach Scream level 3
<br />
<br />Death wish come true pt 1
<br />Place Death’s mom’s house
<br />unlock Death


Halloween FAQS Week 1

Here are the FAQS for week 1 of the Halloween event!

Continue reading Halloween FAQS Week 1

10 Celebs Family Guy Nailed

Courtesy of Fred

<br />
<br />

New/Old Character: Mr Weed

Also: Mr. Weed now has a full bribe at the Lazarus Portal. 😊

How do I unlock Mr. Weed?

Use the Lazarus Portal for a chance to summon the dead. Once you have summoned Mr. Weed, you will need the following materials to unlock him:

•12 Softball Bats (common) from Jerome and Falconer Peter

•8 Dinner Rolls (rare) from Lois, Mayor West, and Le Croissant


•15 Mr. Zucchini Heads (uncommon) from Seamus and Chumba Wumba Stewie

•8 Home Movies (rare) from Olivia and Madame Claude

There is no time limit on unlocking Mr. Weed. Once he is unlocked, he is yours to keep forever!


New Event!!


This is a pic I’ve been sent from Zooey (who was sent it from TinyCo) about the new event…

What do you make of it?


26 Family Guy Moments

Courtesy of Fred


September Fest Walkthroughs Part 7

Back to the Brewery pt 6
<br />Have Pawtucket Pat do keg stand
<br />Have Angela hit on a Chumba Wumba
<br />Have Bruce make bathtub gin​

Real men wear Laderhosen pt 4
<br />Have Herbert be a peeping Tom
<br />Have Lederhosen Peter make headlines

Back to the Brewery pt 7
<br />Have Pawtucket Pat swim in beer river
<br />have Herbert take gross old man bath

Real men wear Lederhosen pt 5
<br />Have Angela sneak a drink 12 hrs
<br />Have Lederhosen Peter binge on Pretzels 24 hrs
<br />Have Jerome do an ethnic handshake 2hrs-with Peter

Back to the Brewery pt 8
<br />Get the Opie Employee of the month statue
<br />Have Pawtucket Pat punish spies
<br />Have Opie test the beer..

Back to the Brewery pt 9
<br />Get the Pawtucket brewbot
<br />Have Pawtucket Pat become unreasonably angry
<br />Get the Executive Bathroom helicopter

Real Men wear Lederhosen pt 6
<br />Have Opie test the beer 8hrs
<br />Have Lederhosen Peter Epic Beer Belch 6 hrs
Thanks to Fred and Tony and any others who contributed


Everything you will ever need to know about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff


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