Drop rates increased!

TinyCo has made it easier to collect for King Butt and George Takei!

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Best of 2014: How do I unlock George Takei

There’s a Red TARDIS, sexy Nathan Fillion and oh shoot I forgot what I was saying….. Oh well click the read more to find out what Nathan made me forget!
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Part Deux: The Vol.2 Mystery box!

Howdy Ho reader-ino’s! Roll up, roll up there is a new mystery boz in town! Again it’s going to set you back a gear grinding 125 clams but for those who missed out the first time round this could be your last chance!
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‘Best of 2014′ Vol.2 FAQS

New content is live! The second installment of those things you didn’t get / want the first time round are back to tempt you in one last time!
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New items in the store!

So more of that old content Tiny Co found down the back of the game files is back but only decorations….. For the time being……
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RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #2

Good day my fellow gamers,

Last week we started our Film-ily Guy series – where you guys pick a celebrity to play different characters if there was a real life film of Family Guy.

Last week, the character chosen was Lois and after much consideration, the celebrity to play Lois is…Julianne Moore!!

She’s slightly older than Lois but she’s foxy, and she could do the character justice.

SO…the character this week is Peter, who else? I’ll throw a celebrity in as usual, so I’ll say Seth Rogan, do you think anyone better could do more justice? I’d love to hear from you :)

Family Guy: The Quest For Actors –

Lois – Julianne Moore

Valentine’s Day Speculation


Family Guy has only ever had one episode regarding Valentine’s Day so I don’t think all of these ideas will be added to one event otherwise we wont have anything else for another Valentine’s event.

Keep reading to find out some spoilers as well as what we could possible see when Valentine’s hits in early February!


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Competition Results: Find Stewie

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ‘Find Stewie’ competition!

I’m glad you had fun searching for him, and piecing together this sentence:

I want Peter in his sexy underwear, right now!

Two lucky winners (one from the UK and one from the US) will be sent a Kidrobot Intimate Apparel Peter! Let me know whether you want a black or red one if you are the UK winner, I’m not sure whether KidRobot can promise which colour they send out!


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Share: King Butt’s Stats!

I have King Butt unlocked so I can’t give you my daily stats on unlocking King Butt and collecting his EPIC items, so I thought that you could all share how you are getting along with the items, your thoughts about the unlocking process and anything else King Butt related!


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Valentine’s Spoiler: Exclusive from TinyCo

Who knows that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon? Well, if you are sat wondering whether you might get a special gift this year from that special someone, you can STOP right now because we are here to give you an exclusive present from TinyCo!

Those creative cupids at TinyCo have sent us an exclusive spoiler, fresh from the drawing board, if you want to know more… Actually, you have probably already stopped reading, rushed ahead a few minutes ago and hit the MORE button!

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Everything you will ever need to know about Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff


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